Real Estate in West Covina
Endrico Patolot

Endrico Patolot


Own a piece of land in the fastest growing region in California.

Apple, Victor & Antelope Valley-Ripe for Land Banking.   These regions are the places where great opportunity to own a land for longer term hold.  An opportunity that will enable you to:

Prepare for retirement or growing cost college education for your kids
If your answer is NO to the following, you need to start planning for your future.
– Can you afford the cost of living when you retire. Is your retirement/pension enough to support your needs-food, shelter and health care services?
– Can you afford your children’s college education when they are due? Tuition fee alone increases at the average rate of 5% per year. The cost of books, school supplies, room and board, transportation and other related expenses are also increasing steadily.

Grow your finances through equity build up from the appreciation of your land investment
What do you currently do to grow your finances?
–  Time deposits?
–  Stock investment?
–  Real estate-Rental properties, land?
–  Saving in IRA or 401K?
Is any of these giving you the return that you need to prepare for the future?

Leave valuable legacy to your love ones
Do you have some kind of legacy that you can now leave to your love ones?

If you need help in acquiring this kind of asset.  This is where you can start looking with my help.   I am very familiar in this area and know where and what developments are taking place.  I am also very knowledgeable in real estate since i am a real estate broker and investor myself.  I have been buying and selling land in these areas and finding great deals is not very hard for me.  I basically buy land in these areas at discounted price so that i can pass it on at fairly below market price.   I also take installment (seller financing) terms to lower the cost of initial investment.

Should you feel interested and would like to know more about this opportunity, you are very welcome to contact me via email : or my cellphone : 323-747-3489.   Looking forward to assist you in this great endeavor.

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