eXp Realty-West Covina

Foreclosure Help

If you are a HOMEOWNER and loan in-default situation, have exhausted all the means to remedy hardship and none of these worked for you. Don’t give up yet, we may have solution for you. Depending on your situation, we have solutions to offer you:

Equity Saver. In foreclosure. Home has substantial equity & in danger of losing it.

If the equity in your home is at RISK of losing it to the lender by FORECLOSURE, we may have program that can help save your equity instead of giving it up to the lender due to your inability to bring your loan to current or cure the default on your loan. Yes if you work with us, we can help you bring your mortgage to current status to stop foreclosure and help you buy time to save the equity left in your home.

You can use that equity to start over again with your family. You also save yourself and your family from embarrassing & stressful foreclosure proceedings and you can walk away from you home with dignity and pride. No foreclosure record in your credit which means you will be able buy a new home sooner.

I implore you to act swiftly, since your lender has filed NOD or NTS against you property. We only have limited time to save your home. The sooner your call me the better.

Pick up your phone now and call me. Let me help you the same way I have helped several homeowners who were in your same situation. You inquiry will be treated with strict confidentiality.