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Bulk Sales

Since early 2010, I have been brokering Bulk portfolio of REO, Non-performing & Performing loan, Off-market Commercial Real Estates from distressed bank and investors.   Through the years, I have sold over $30M worth of portfolio and have developed beneficial relationship with Bulk buyers and investors, Sellers and direct sources of bulk    portfolios.

If you’re seller who needs help in liquidating your bulk portfolios (REO, NPN or Large Commercial Asset), I can help you with that.  We can start our conversation by simply shooting me an e-mail or by calling me on my direct line.  My contact information can be found below this page and all over the website.

If you’re buyer who are looking for deals and tired of dealing with long chain of agents, intermediaries and so-called seller’s rep, i can help you find the right deal for you.  Below are some of the list of the bulk portfolio that you might be interested in.  Feel free to check this out.

1.   Mixed Portfolio of Non-performing Notes (60 Units) and REOs (23 units). Estimated market value 4.2M.  Asking price $1.1M.  SOLD
2.  11 Units SFR in West Palm Beach Florida.  Built 2007. 6 units rented, 5 units needs light rehab.   Market Value $1.85M.  Asking price $1.45M. PENDING, Being sold at private Auction.
3.   Nationwide Portfolio of Multifamily Buildings up to 500 units/complex. Class A-C.  Off-market or Pocket listing.  Pls. email me for the details of your requirements-Location, price range, cap rate, etc..
4.   13 Condominium Units in Kallispel, Montana.  Upscale Development.  Built 2007. All rented and income producing.  Market Value $3.050M. Asking Price $2.40M. SOLD.
5.    10 +/- acres of Land with development plan of building 106 condo units in the complex where the 13 condo units are located.  Asking Price $1.59M. SOLD.
6.    Cash flowing Rental Portfolio in Memphis Tennessee.  65 Units and 58 units of SFR. 25-35% below Zillow Value.  Double digit CAP rate.  Click here to obtain the list and details of protocol. SOLD
7.    35 Units SFR in Kennewick Washington State.  Built 2005 & 2006, 82% Rented.   Asking Price $4,150,000.00.    (80% of the CMV) SOLD.
8.    Non-performing notes nationwide worth over $450M available to purchase in smaller chunk. We can customize your buying requirement.  Submit LOI and POF and we will prepare the list based on your criteria.

Additional information such as complete list, protocol, marketing package are available upon request.  Please contact us via e-mail or call us anytime.

For your reference and to make you feel confident that you’re dealing with experienced broker who can deliver deals, here are some of portfolio that I have done in the fast for my buyers:

Commercial complex in Downtown Los
Angeles NPN sale. Source: Auction.com.                      Las Vegas Commercial Las Vegas
DOWNTOWN LA    Las Vegas Note Sale 2
Las Vegas Commercial NPN #2                                      Los Angeles REO (Muti-family)
Las Vegas Note Sale      LOS ANGELES
These are only some of most notable deals that I have successfully completed.  Proof is available upon request and only to credible buyers & sellers.  I also reserve my right to verify the authenticity of the buyer/seller requesting proof.

For additional information, question or inquiries, you can find my contact information below and all over the website.